• Shae Lawrie

COVID-19 Inspection Update

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We have some new rules and regulations we must abide by during Stage 3 lockdown, a new way we can lease out our properties effectively and efficently is by using the below process to screen and pre-approve potential applicants prior to attending a private inspection:

A few small changes have been implemented for prospective tenants, please see the below the steps: Step 1: Send your enquiry through on the property via Step 2: A virtual tour will be emailed to inspect “virtually” Step 3: A curbside viewing of the property is then recommended to ensure the location/area is suitable Step 4: Apply for the property via the 1form website and send to Step 5: Once the application has been pre-approved a private inspection will be arranged

Private inspections are now being conducted under the following conditions: * You must register your attendance with your name, phone number, and how many people will be inspecting the property with you. * You must refrain from touching anything during the inspection * Hand sanitiser will be provided before entering the property * Maximum of 1 person permitted inside the premises at any time * Please download the COVIDSafe App

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